Welcome Dealers

Flagship is a nationally licensed, full-service non-prime auto lender.  Flagship purchases loans from a large assortment of Franchise and well-established Independent dealers across the United States. Our core management team has been originating indirect auto loans for nearly 30 years and is committed to providing the highest level of service and value for our dealers.

The Flagship Advantage...

Common Sense Lending Philosophy
At Flagship, we look beyond the credit score and consider a multitude of factors, such as the nature of past derogatory credit, the borrower’s current situation, and the prospect for future improvement.

Personalized Service
Flagship believes there is more to doing business than providing a computer driven approval.  We understand that not all customers are the same and not every deal fits into the same box.  At Flagship, we provide direct access to a highly trained Credit Analyst who can assist on structuring loan products to meet the needs of both the borrower and dealer.

Flexible Products
Flagship understands that when decisioning applications there are tradeoffs to APR, Term, Advance, Payment, and many other factors.  As such, we have designed a program with flexibility in mind.

Ease of Use
We work to meet the needs of our dealers – supporting multiple electronic application portals for accepting applications, valuations guidebooks for determining Advance amounts, and credit bureaus for underwriting and scoring.

Long Haul
Flagship’s team has been in the industry through many economic cycles, both good and bad, and has experienced the challenges this can create.  At Flagship, we value our relationships and effort it takes to establish a strong value-proposition for our dealers. 

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