Military Customers

If you are using MAC (Military Assistance Company) for your allotment you MUST make alternative payment arrangements to pay your April 2014 loan payment. Please contact (800) 327-8543 if you need assistance or select the link below to view the letter that was mailed to MAC (Fort Knox) customers.

Allotment Transition Letter


At Flagship we work closely with our dealer partners on every application, review every detail, and find a way to extend to you the financing you need. Even if you have had a previous bankruptcy or defaulted loan, we believe that "what was in the past is in the past" and as long as you are committed to re-establishing your credit profile and can demonstrate a stable income and ability to repay, we should have the ability to help.

Through our relationships with dealerships across the United States, we provide quality financing for customers with all levels of credit.

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